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SJ im

5 usd

SJ im provides the highest level of confidentiality in Jabber, AOL, Google Talk and many more services witch supports XMPP protocol,SJ provides a complete solution for your privacy while communicating over the net.
Major benefits of SJ im.
Encryption (security)- Support XEP-0027 (PGP encryption)- Automatic PGP public key exchange- Support Off-The-Record (OTR)- Send files via third-party services in the archives of Zip with password- encryption P2P
Functional- Completable witch any XMPP server- Multiple profiles- Comfortable history- Attractive design- Ease of use- Encryption of voice conversations XMPP AES-256and much more!
Traidemark:AIM® registered trademark AOL LLC.ICQ® registered trademark ICQ.Yahoo!® registered trademark Yahoo Inc.MSN®, Windows Live™ registered trademark Microsoft Corporation.Jabber® registered trademark Jabber Inc.Google™ Talk registered trademark Google Inc.Facebook® registered trademark Facebook, Inc.